I recently read this article by Giovanni Russonello about the great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. What struck me was how despite losing both parents before she was a teenager, serving as a lookout at a brothel, and suffering abuse at a reformatory school Fitzgerald still stepped onto the stage in her arena of life. At 17, basically homeless, she auditioned for Amateur Night at the Apollo. She showed up to dance but decided last minute she might have a better chance of success singing so she pivoted on the spot and won.

Reflecting on Fitzgerald’s boldness, I re read my…

Does travel enliven your mind, excite your senses, offer one of the few ways you drop into true spontaneity? You may feel covid has quarantined your body but it certainly doesn’t shackle your mind and soul. You are free to travel without leaving your home.

3 steps: imagine, remember, and write. Then share and see what you receive back. Here is my memory, perhaps a dream, of beautiful Andalusia. What’s yours?

In the narrow streets of barrio Santa Cruz in Sevilla there is a hidden road that winds up the hills seducing you with each curve to follow her path…

We all feel the powerful and yet invisible forces transforming the way we live, work, and interact. Perhaps this is an aberration, a sudden short lived shock, and we will revert back to the way we operated pre crisis. I would propose that there are real opportunities to change society’s approach to community, ecosystem sustainability, and how we value time vs. money. There are silver linings everywhere and the lens by which we view the COVID-19 challenge will define whether we learn and grow or remain “blind to our blindness” as the nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman once said…

Michael Siminoff

Entrepreneur, founder/CEO, home cook, cultural explorer, occasional writer/poet

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